Mesin Coating

Model : Mesin Coating
Manufacturer : DYSS Korea


● Installed AC SERVO MOTOR, this nearly has a vibration and noise during coating processes, and has a very precision.
● It's available to extend the time of coating un-limitedly.
● The printing speed is faster by about 20 percent than of the existing facility.
● Digital type inputing for coating speed also lead to make an accuracy.
● Attaching the screen frame is a simple work.(Air clamping)
● You can place any oder such. (One-side & double-side)

Model Max. Uk Luar frame :

DYCO 1010D Max. 100 x 100 cm
DYCO 1015D Max. 100 x 150 cm
DYCO 1212D Max. 120 x 120 cm